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Thank you everyone who helped donate to Team Being Alive at this years AIDS Walk. We reached $21,575. You can still donate until November 7th. Please go to and continue to support Team Being Alive.

LGBTQ Therapy

Have you been shamed or discrimanted against? Do you battle depression, anxiety, addiction, low self-esteem, or have unhealthy relationships? Those of us who are LGBTQ and Beyond face these unique challenges. Mary Ann Rege, MA, will help you. Please call Daniel Robison for contact details at (310) 874-4322 x13.

JWCH Dental Care Services

The John Wesley Community Health Institute is now offering dental care services to eligible low-income people living with HIV/AIDS at NO COST TO QUALIFYING PATIENTS. Click here for more info.


February 2015 Calendar

The Being Alive February 2015 Calendar is now online. This month's calendar is now in an interactive flip-book format. Enjoy!

Licensed Acupuncturists Needed!!!

October 18, 2013

Being Alive is opening their doors for any licensed acupuncturists that will be willing to take their time and volunteer their services. Sessions will only consist of 3-4 hours a week or once every two weeks. Please contact Daniel at (323)874-4322 x13 for more information to volunteer for a great cause that is Being Alive!

Positive Outlook has moved to a new location. Please check the Emotional Support page for the new location.

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